TAPP Workshop Dates with Megg Thompson

All workshops are from 6:30-8:30 pm

Workshops are held at TAPP on 472 Amherst Street in Nashua

Please contact Megg at teach1478@gmail.com if you are interested in coming to any of these workshops!

Boy Playing Air Hockey

February 20, 2020

Love Languages

Do children feel loved?  Most would answer, “Of course!”  This workshop will look how different children give and receive love and care in five different ways.  And because human behavior says that we nurture and love in the way we need it, not in the way others need it, adults have to adjust to how children accept love.  Come find out how to make those adjustments!

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Children's Race

March 19, 2020

Promoting Child Engagement

Understanding the importance of child engagement in the early years is critical to supporting children’s social-emotional development and learning. This training will provide strategies that support children and reduce barriers to engagement, including challenging behaviors. Classroom design, curricula, and teaching styles will be addressed to help participants understand their role in working with young children to promote interactions with the environment, adults, and most importantly, peers. 

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Raising Hands

April 16, 2020

Moving Beyond Rewards, Punishments to Choice and Appropriate Consequences

Positive discipline starts with the parent or teacher.  How do we look inward and start the change within ourselves?  Children count on us to lead the way, stay out of power struggles, be kind and firm and follow through.  Authoritative caregivers do exactly that! Come hang out with Megg Thompson and see how you can start small and end up with big results and happier children, families and classrooms!

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Gardening Lesson

May 21, 2020

Problem Solving ADD/ADHD

In early childhood and as educators it is not our job to diagnose ADD/ADHD.  It is our job to problem solve with families and children.  Let’s dive into strategies and solutions for these children with fantastic energy and exuberance!

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Teacher and Student

June 18, 2020


Professionalism is a huge topic that can keep the EC field stagnant and drowning in its constant stereotypes.  Taking an honest look at where we currently stand and how to climb the professionalism ladder is pertinent and necessary for teachers, children, families and the community!  We will use NAEYC’s code of ethics as a stepping stone as well as my time as a teacher and consultant in the EC field!

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