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The Teachers and Paws Project (TAPP) was founded to serve as a resource for educators in southern New Hampshire and surrounding communities.  TAPP is a membership-based non-profit organization. 

It’s easy to become a member!

  • Are you a kindergarten through high-school educator working with students in southern New Hampshire or surrounding   areas? 

  • Or, are you a pre-school teacher willing to volunteer at TAPP for three hours a year?

  • Do 50% or more of your students participate in the free or reduced-lunch program?  (The percentage has been reduced from 70% to 50% for 2019-2020 to encourage more teacher participation)! If not,  are you willing to volunteer for TAPP for three hours a year?

  • Are you willing to join TAPP for an annual membership fee of $20? 

  • Would you like to shop in our fabulous TAPPestry Thrift Store where members receive 10% off all purchases?


If you answered “yes,” then you will have access to a wide selection of free or low-cost school supplies, materials, resources and training opportunities available from the TAPP Resource Center to enhance, expand and broaden the learning process.

Policies and Guidelines

To access privileges in TAPP, we ask our educators to comply with, and understand, the following provisions:

Release TAPP and any of its affiliated organizations and suppliers from all actions, claims or demands by signing a release document at the time they submit their membership request.  The purpose of the release is to protect TAPP, its directors, officers, agents, managers, employees, and suppliers of materials from any and all liability arising from or connected in any way with the members receipt and subsequent use of materials and or ideas provided by TAPP even though the liability may arise out of negligence or carelessness on the part of the persons or entity mentioned above.

Understand that the materials obtained from TAPP are not guaranteed for a particular use or purpose whatsoever.  Understand and agree that you as a member are solely responsible for any personal injury, death, and/or property damage caused by reuse of said materials by you or any person to whom you distribute.


You will further agree that any suggested use of the materials is not a guarantee or warranty that such use is appropriate.  You will be asked to agree to evaluate the materials and be solely responsible for the appropriate use of materials.

Every person must have a membership to access materials available at TAPP.  Only the person who is listed on the membership application may use the membership.  Memberships are non-transferable.


Only a person who is a current educator or who qualifies under the approved educator or school types may qualify for membership.


Non-members are considered guests and no guests will be allowed in the Resource Center with the exception of persons under the age of 18.  Children accompanying a member will be supervised at all times for their safety.  Non-member guests will be asked to wait outside the Resource Center.


You will be asked to submit, for verification purposes, the name and title of a contact person with your organization or school, and proof of membership or employment to that organization or school.  If, after having paid membership dues, it is found that you do not qualify as stipulated, your membership fee will be forfeited. 


TAPP reserves the right to contact your organization to verify that you are in compliance with the membership agreement.

Materials and ideas available at TAPP are intended to benefit students, education, and the community at large, and may not be resold, auctioned, bartered, or used in fundraising.  Materials may not be used for personal gain.


TAPP may refuse or revoke membership with or without cause.


TAPP does not sell or share information collected on the membership application.


TAPP items are sold “as is.”  TAPP has no-refund, no-exchange policy.


No merchandise purchased will be held.

Student Membership
Children in School Bus
Children in Science Class
Kids Drawing
Chilren During Physical Education Lesson

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