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The TAPP Resource Center is closed.

The TAPP Resource Center is here for our community educators!  


  • Provides free or low-cost teaching supplies and materials.  

  • Provides access to educational materials and free humane education “kits.”

  • Offers free attendance at one TAPP-sponsored professional development session/continuous education credit (CEC)/continuous education unit (CEU)/Experiential learning event.  

  • Offers reduced fees for attendance at other TAPP-sponsored professional education seminars/workshops throughout the membership year. Check our Events Tab to find a workshop for you!

  • Offers 10% off for all purchases at TAPPestry!

Resource Center membership – offering teachers throughout southern New Hampshire and surrounding areas the opportunity to join the Resource Center for a nominal annual fee of $20 (preschool teachers please see About Us/Membership):

TAPP will provide members who work closely with students at the kindergarten through high-school levels in public, private, charter, and parochial schools in the southern New Hampshire and surrounding school districts with 50% or more of the student population on the free or reduced lunch programs with the following benefits:

  • access to low and no-cost school supplies;

  • access to educational materials and humane education “kits”;

  • free attendance to one TAPP sponsored continuous education program seminar/workshop in order to meet CEC, CEU, or Experiential learning requirements for professional education hours towards licensure maintenance (18 CEUs required each year in New Hampshire and 20 CEUs required in year in Massachusetts); and

  • reduced fees for attendance at other TAPP-sponsored professional education program seminars/workshops throughout the membership year.

TAPP sponsored professional education seminars/workshops will include topics such as communication and teamwork, filling the “toolbox of stress” with strategies anchored in wellness and self-care; figuring out challenging behaviors; mindfulness and calming strategies for strong emotions, and many more by a Certified Behavioral Consultant and Certified Life Coach.

Not sure if you qualify? Contact us!  

Ways You Can Help


We are looking for clean, safe and interesting donations that will support our teachers and students while at the same time preserving our environment.
Art & Crafts/School Supplies
Art supplies (new and used)
Books (all kinds, not just teaching)
Craft books and craft magazines
Craft kits and misc. crafting items
Stickers and classroom decorations
Fabric (scrap or full pieces)
Ink/Toner (new)
Jewelry beads
Paper of all kinds (including wrapping, matte and foam board)
School supplies (pencils, pens, markers, crayons, paper, paint, etc.)
Sewing notions (ribbon, trim, yarn, thread, zippers, etc.)
Spools and cores (empty or with thread)
Office supplies (file trays, binders, staplers, tape, clips, etc.)
Vinyl, leather pieces and scraps
Tennis balls and empty containers
Golf balls, tees and pencils
Jigsaw puzzles (missing pieces are OK)
Games (missing pieces are OK)
Stuffed animals  -  (must be clean/in good repair)
Untitled-2 (2)_edited.png
Children’s clothes (shirts, pants, coats, hats, mittens, gloves, boots, shoes, etc.)
Cardboard fabric bolts
Packing material – peanuts, bubble wrap, foam, square pieces of Styrofoam (not large unusable shaped sizes)
Promotional items
Rock and shell collections
Tile (small pieces, not broken)
Small furniture (chairs, tables, desks, file cabinets, easels, bulletin boards, book shelves, etc.)
Sandpaper (new only)
Sample and sample books of any kind (wallpaper, fabric, carpet, etc.)
35mm film containers
Baby food and Mason jars (clean, with lids only)
CDs and cases (new and used)
Coffee cans (clean, with lids only)
Oatmeal containers (clean, with lids only)
Pringles cans (clean, with lids only)
Shoe boxes (with lids only)
Tissue Boxes
Ziploc-type bags (new)
Reusable bags (brown paper bags, canvas bags)
Untitled-2 (2)_edited.png
CDs and cases (new and used)
Electronics (cords, mice, keyboards, etc.)
Lab equipment (beakers, flasks, test tubes, etc.)
Discontinued items, overruns and surplus materials
PVC pipe (clean)
Telephone wire and any wire (not sharp)
Washers, hardware, nuts and bolts
Tools (handheld)
Household items
Bottle caps of all kinds and sizes (must be clean)
Cardboard tubes and plastic tubes – all sizes
Clothes pins
Corks (must be clean)
Cups, plates and straws – new only (no glass)
Egg cartons (not flats)
Frames (picture or cardboard)
Greeting cards (new or used)
Metal lids from frozen juice (clean)
Paper towel and toilet paper rolls
Calendars with pictures (new and used)
Please note: All donations must be in good working order, readily usable without assembly or repair, free of dirt, mold, water damage or pet hair. We do not accept dangerous items such as toxic chemicals, weapons or explosives.
Untitled-2 (2)_edited.png

Let's Make A Change

Here are some ways you can donate:

In Person

472 Amherst Street, Unit 3,

Nashua, NH 03063


Make a tax deductible donation‏.

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