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A N N O U N C E M E N T S !
The Teachers and Paws Project (TAPP) is excited to announce a collaborative partnership with the United Way of Greater Nashua that we began this past summer when we moved our stored Teacher Resource Center supplies to the School Supply Pantry at the United Way, 20 Broad Street, Nashua, NH. This partnership between TAPP and the United Way will help our teachers and students throughout our community and also support the United Way’s Strategic Framework for Childhood Success – helping children enter school ready, and to be successful in primary school.  Learn more...
We accept nominations for teachers/educators to receive our Pawsitivity Boxes! Please nominate your favorite teacher/educator for a box and leave the rest up to us!


The Teachers and Paws Project (TAPP) promotes earth-friendly and humane education and ensures that students and classrooms across southern New Hampshire and surrounding areas have the necessary supplies and materials needed for learning, regardless of students’ economic status.  

DIY School Cone
Raising Hands
Prepackaged School Supply Kits


Empower Our Children
and Educators
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Our Children
Are Our Future! 

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